Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Senator Tom Cotton is correct

Under no circumstances should the "1619 Project" be distributed to public schools.  It is so filled with errors and lies it isn't funny.  Just from it's headline punch that in 1619 slavery came to America.  Hello.  Slavery was universal and was in the Americas long before the first Europeans showed up.  Such an anti-American propaganda piece should never be in our media, much less our schools.  If, in fact, truth and facts matter for anything.

Anyone who values truth and opposes lies would have to agree.  This is a Marxist hit piece, designed to increase the calls to burn America - and its corresponding values and freedoms - to the ground.  It's driven by the Presentism that now saturates our approach to history.  A person who opposes Senator Cotton's sane and obvious desire to avoid teaching our students erroneous narratives is a living example as to why we bend over backwards to keep our son in homeschool. 


  1. In my opinion we desperately need to stop thinking as if facts and truth matter to the Marxists. They already know what they are spewing are lies. It's deliberate and it's aimed at one thing: disrupting American society to the point of taking the government by force if necessary and implementing communism. This is what BLM is all about. It never had anything to do with black lives. With just a little research it is easy to see that only some black lives matter otherwise there would have been BLM marches in all the major cities where black on black crime occurs daily and in front of Planned Parenthood where upwards of over half a million black babies are killed. Where are BLM? No where and don't expect them to be. This is an attempted Marxist takeover culminating in November 2020. Pray as you've never prayed before otherwise the streets will run red.

    1. True. But I think stepping out and calling it out is what needs to happen. Likewise, we can't be worried about the inevitable attack. So Cotton is being accused of - wait for it - defending slavery. This is how the Left operates. The Left proclaims obvious truth. If you disagree, you're Nazi. I think charging forth and calling it wrong and start pushing back and making the Left defend itself. Start with the sex and drugs culture and then touch on black on black violence and go from there.


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