Saturday, February 23, 2013

We shouldn't teach morality in schools

That was the big conclusion in a debate we had in a secondary education class back at OSU.  It would have been around 1988, and Dr. Jerry, our professor, threw the question out for discussion. With only a few dissenters,  it was concluded that schools were no place to legislate morality.  That kept with the 70s brand of liberalism that screamed we should never legislate morality.  Looking back, I get the sneaky feeling that what they meant was 'you can't use our schools to teach this rubbish about not living a life of unbridled hedonism an narcissism.'

Fast forward.  A girl shows up to school with a T-Shirt that promotes *gasp* abstinence and is told the shirt is entirely inappropriate.  I thought maybe there was something about 'don't have sex, have Jesus instead.'   Nope.  Just one suggesting that from backseat accidents come little kids.  I guess my college class was right, you just shouldn't teach morality...if you're a student. The school, apparently, can mandate moral absolutes until the cows come home, especially if they promote the same hedonism and debauchery we so yearned for back in the day.

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