Saturday, February 2, 2013

Boy Scouts piss everyone off

Despite the initial reports that harmony and an aligning of the planets was now likely because boy scouts would let homosexuals openly serve, there might be some problems.  And from both sides!  The Left, the Pro-Homosexual side, is still not happy, as all progressives tend to be when only 99% fealty is given to the progressive cause.  Apparently a willingness to screw traditional values and abase itself before the progressive juggernaut was not enough.  So gay rights groups are demanding more, more, more. 

On the flip side, it shouldn't be surprising that not all scouts of a more traditional inclination are happy about the entire choice, and I've read some saying they'll pull their boys from the Scouts altogether.  Others with younger sons have said nix-nix to putting them into the Scouts.  The irony here being that I'd wager the pennies left in my savings accounts that the vast majority of homosexuals don't give a rip about being scouts. Just like the vast majority of homosexuals and those who support homosexuality aren't given toward traditional religious values.  

Why? Because the way one must see the world in order to embrace homosexual normality is in flat opposition to the traditional Judeo-Christian world view.  It is based on the pillars of modern secular progressivism that religion is at best a bunch of made up fairy tales that ancient humans spun out of thin air to explain why the sun goes down at night. Furthermore, those ancient humans are but glorified animals, evolved from lower forms, a mere step on the way to biological extinction or evolution into some other form of life.  These things, try as some traditions might to reconcile them, are ultimately irreconcilable.  And so each time a tradition has thrown out the old time religion and embraced the gay, predictions of a tidal wave of happy gays and gay supporters swelling their pews are made.  And every. Single. Time.They are proven wrong. 

There are no doubt homosexuals within various religions   But alas, they make up a minority.  Changing religion to accommodate the latest, hippest and appeal to a small percentage will make no difference at all.  And if most mainline Protestant denominations are to be learned from, it will most likely hurt.  Something  the Scouts had best ponder a long, long time.

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