Friday, February 15, 2013

In praise of genocide

I didn't believe it. Thomas McDonald linked to a string of quotes by the Amazing Randi, the famous skeptic guru of the 70s who is sort of a favorite star for many modern atheists.  Well, the quotes were so bone chilling, so much like a Nazi apologetic for genocide, I thought they may have been taken out of context.  No insult of Mr. McDonald intended.  There are just some things your mind can't fathom.  Until you read the actual link here.  Note the comments   Few are actually bothered by the whole 'it's time for the damn retard babies to be wiped out to make room for the mental master race' scree.  In fact, at least one seems to be cheering him on - though the sarcasm meter is awaiting confirmation of the comment's sincerity.

If this were some isolated post by a tired and angry man who hopes for nothing but oblivion as the reaper approaches, I would just shed a tear and say a prayer.  But this, along with the growing progressive dream of eliminating that pesky Constitution and its stupid rights not to be liberal, remind me that yes, Virginia, there will be more Holocausts.  I don't know exactly what they will look like.  But I'm almost 100% sure why they will happen.

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