Monday, February 4, 2013

The kiss of death

That's what I gave when I threw my half-hearted support behind San Francisco   Even the powers that power couldn't turn things around enough to help San Francisco launch a historic comeback.  Though I didn't really have a dog in the fight.  To me, it was enough to root for the 49ers to silence those Steelers fans who surround me, mocking me for being a Browns fan.  I must admit, all games have their bad calls, and last night was no different.  But the pendulum definitely swung toward the Ravens in the missed calls category.  Especially that last one. And a deliberate Safety to run down the clock?  I foresee some major sibling fights about that one come the next family get together at the Harbaughs.  Still, the 49ers lost, the Patriots didn't make it, Tebow was vindicated, Cleveland fired another coach, and the Ravens won. Another great season come to a close. Congrats.  It made the  mostly lackluster commercials (with a few notable exceptions) bearable. 

Congrats are in order, even with the Safety play

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