Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunday blogs

I've been watching the basic upswing in my readership and I'm pleased.  Thanks all for visiting.  I hope in some goofy way, I make it worthwhile.  And yet, I've never given much thought to it beyond sitting down between reruns of MASH and jotting down a thought here and there, with automatic spell check being my only editor.  Most things are right off the top of my head, through the fingers, and 'publish.'  Likewise, I just wander in and out, blogging here, letting it go there.  Going days without caring.  Well, one thing I have enjoyed is seeing more people comment.  One soul has brought oodles of insights and help, but I've seen a couple others as well.  All I can say is, more!  The comments, emails, links, those help me keep a grip on what I'm saying.  It also helps motivate me to blog more carefully, and start working more on quality.

To that end, I'll try to be more regular in my posting.  At least one or two posts a day - even if I still count frivolous things that only interest me. Blogs gushing over my awesome family are as good as always.

An example of awesome family, missing my Mom who was with my sister that day
But, because of that, I will take at least one day off and not blog at all, unless some emergency arises.  Just like my ministry days, I always took Fridays off.  Most ministers I knew took Mondays, though I could never figure out why.  I took Fridays.  Saturdays were half-days, since we often had events or meetings, and I always spent the evening finishing up for Sunday.  But Thursdays were almost always slow evenings, and that allowed me most Thursday evenings with the family, plus Fridays (barring emergencies with the congregation), and then usually at least a late start on Saturday.

Same here.  I'll pass on Sunday posts, and then try to keep things coming regularly through the week.  Saturdays being a hit and miss as always.  In return, thanks for the patience, and please feel free to link me out there however it's done.  I know virtually nothing about blogging, and originally did this because  I was told to by some folks who knew me, and thought it was a nice way of getting my thoughts down. I was actually told to write a book, but that was by people who heard me lecture rather than read anything I committed to paper.  So I've treated this as sort of a public diary.  So that's that.  I'll be back Monday.  Have a nice and blessed Sunday.  Hope to see everyone back.  And Go Bucks!

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  1. By all means, relax and enjoy the blessings that have been given to you on Sunday and any other day you need.

    Heck, if you're getting enough visitors, you could even put up a tip jar and/or a "buy from amazon" set up on your website. That way you could at least get some lunch money from here.

    (I've put them up on my own blog, so just email me if you have any questions/problems with it)


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