Monday, February 18, 2013

The other sign of gun control

Of course it comes from FOX News.  Since Sandy Hook, the victims of that and other mass shootings would appear to be in one voice for one purpose: more gun control.  And yet, common sense says it's probably not true.  Just like the fabled 9/11 Widows.  They were a group of about five women who were widows of 9/11 victims, as the name suggests.  They got plenty of media attention for their harsh criticisms of then President Bush.  They were frequently interviewed, received almost star status, and were the voices of the 9/11 attacks for some time.  Eventually it became clear that they were using their status to promote issues and agendas that had little to nothing to do with 9/11.  They were also using their status to launch against Bush and the GOP in general. As it became obvious, they eventually faded into the sunset, I suppose because even the media could realize what was happening, and didn't want to get into whatever trouble the media doesn't want to get into.  

Fast forward to today.  We hear story after story, and impassioned plea after impassioned plea from survivors of Sandy Hook, or parents of victims from there or other mass shootings,  calling for more gun regulations, more gun control, tighter laws, what have you.  I, for one, can see many flaws in the arguments for such things, even though my heart breaks for those who suffered such unimaginable loss.  I don't think anyone on any side of the issue begrudges them their anger or demands for action.  Which is why it wasn't hard to believe that MSNBC and other media outlets had deliberately fabricated a story about cold hearted gun clingers shouting down the father of a slain child from Newtown. 

Nonetheless, sympathy is also for all people who have suffered due to such shootings and other horrors.   I sympathized with the seldom heard (except on FOX) families of 9/11 victims who supported George Bush.  I sympathized with soldiers (again on FOX) who stood in stalwart defense of our conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan   And I sympathize with Suzanna Hupp, who lost both parents to a mass shooting in Texas in the early 1990s.  Unlike many interviewed or referenced elsewhere, she stands against current gun control proposals.  Why?  Well, watch the clip here.  I'll let her do the talking. 

That doesn't mean all of a sudden she is right, any more than soldiers or 9/11 victims who supported the Iraq conflict or George Bush were right.  It means we should give both sides a respectful hearing.  I'm posting this, rather than those who support more gun control, because I"m sure they have had plenty of airtime.  God bless them.  I hope their voices are heard and respected.  But I also think the same respect should be given those who stand opposed to our own ideas, if the thought is we should listen to those who have suffered such pain.  If not, then it does make me wonder about just how important respecting people who have suffered such pain really is, you know what I mean? 

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