Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's not easy being Catholic

Especially if you're the Church in a society wholly gone from so many of the pillars once erected by that same Church   So the US Bishops, more or less open to a let bygones-be-bygones approach to immigration reform, including pretty much a broad open door policy for the future, have hit a snag.  What snag?  Well, the Obama administration,  not surprisingly,  has included the recognition of same sex partners as one of the reforms that will piggyback on any immigration reform.  Now, according to ABC's report, the Bishops are reconsidering support for Obama.

This is the snag.  More than once the Obama administration has found a more than willing support group in the US Catholic Bishops.  Except for abortion and gay marriage, pretty much everything Obama has done has received a hearty handshake from the Bishops.  Support from the Bishops has certainly been more common than anything Bush received in his eight years.  So what does Obama do?  Takes the few things the Bishops really, really aren't willing to compromise on and sticks a giant finger in their eye, as if to dare them not to support him.

Now, following the fan-hitting that resulted from the HHS mandate, you'd think Obama would rethink painting the Bishops into a corner.  I mean, it's like they actually do want to support him.  He just won't let them do it.  Instead of setting this aside, and having the full weight of the US Catholic Church behind him, it's my way or the highway all over again.  So it will be interesting to see what transpires in the coming weeks.

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