Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Another prayer request

Not to be greedy or anything, but in addition to my wife's employment situation, and praying that this comes through in a way that won't hinder our bold leap into homeschooling (which seems to have done the boys a world of good already), a prayer for my Mom.  A few months or so ago, she began experiencing terrible pains in her shoulder.  Everything else was OK, just that.  We thought maybe it had something to do with her flu shot, but the doctor ruled that out (that would be the doctor who gave her the flu shot).  They believe it could be arthritis  but aren't sure. Then, about three weeks ago, she began having similarly debilitating pains in her hip and upper leg, and now it has spread to both sides.  Doctor still isn't sure what.  He's recommending a chiropractor, and muscle relaxers, hoping it's just muscles or perhaps more arthritis.  In the meantime, giving her more pain medications but they don't seem to do much.  She can hardly move at this point.  Whereas she was up and about only a month ago, now she needs a walker just to get around, and then is still wracked with pain whenever she moves.  Prayers that this passes soon, or that they figure out what's wrong and it's nothing serious for her sake would be appreciated, as well as the other for my wife.  We're getting there, one prayer at a time.  Thanks again for the thoughts and prayers and help in the meantime.  Blessings.


  1. David, it's our privilege to pray in agreement with you for your wife's lasting (and drug-free) relief from this debilitating pain.

  2. Thanks, but it's my Mom who is in the pain, my wife who's seeking employment.


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