Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jimmy Akin on the Transfiguration

Some interesting stuff, as always, over at Jimmy Akin's blog.  Here he unpacks ten things worth knowing about that unique event mentioned in the Gospels: the transfiguration of Jesus.

Super-cool point I had never considered: Luke 9:27, often used by skeptics to point out flawed predictions on Jesus' part (while ignoring the fact that the early Church would have understood the problems when the Gospels were written), is put into context of the Transfiguration.  It isn't that some will not taste death before the Kingdom of God is revealed, as in the end of times.  It's pointing to the Transfiguration, and what the apostles who witness it will see.  Great point!  I don't think I'll read Luke 9:27 again the same way.  Go read it now, well worth the read.

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