Friday, February 1, 2013

I like trees

Don't get me wrong.  But does anyone know how to get all these wonderful background pictures I see on blogs?  I mean, some blogs look like they hired Michelangelo to do their backgrounds.  All I could find was some prepacked pictures, like these pretty winter trees.  And if I can't figure anything else out, I'll look for a pretty picture of something spring-like when the weather breaks.  But I'd really rather have something like artwork or pictures along the top and sides and title that gives at least some idea of my interests or basic viewpoints or something.  A Church, some old illuminated manuscripts, something.  I tried to upload, but it broke the picture up into a bunch of little tiles that looked goofy, as oppose to taking one image and imposing it behind the blog.  So any ideas from someone who's more tech savvy would be appreciated.  BTW, I also post this because readership is off the scale.  Even comments are starting to pick up, albeit from a few who look to be regulars (it's the quality, not the quantity!) But a whopping 23% increase in just one month, braking more records and almost doubling what my average was as recently as December.  So thanks to everyone.  Remember, tell a friend, invite a family member,  hijack a bus, comment, comment, comment.  Do anything that's not illegal.   If I find more ways to get word out for others' blogs, I'll do that too.  I will promote   But help on making my blog look pretty would certainly be appreciated (even if I later decide to keep it as is - that's me sometimes).

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  1. Step 1: Find the picture you want.
    (i recommend google image search

    Step 2: Follow these instructions.

    Step 3: Email me because you've probably messed up and need me to straighten it out. ;-)


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