Saturday, February 2, 2013

I don't like bumper sticker theology

And apparently neither does Marc Barnes.  That is, boiling things down to cutesy slogans and meaningless cliches. I was still a pastor when the whole WWJD phenomenon hit.  I wasn't impressed. I said, to be brutally hones, he would dine with the tax collectors and sinners, call his followers to leave everything and follow him, chastise the religious elite, then suffer and die on the cross for humanity, followed by rising from the dead on the third day and ascending into heaven.  That's what Jesus would do.  Still, people continued in my church and everywhere to make a very worthwhile reflective question into a meaningless cliche.  So here is Mr. Barnes, trying to head us off at the pass, before we take another worthwhile insight and hash and slash it down to something that wouldn't even work on the bumper of a car.


  1. Yeah I tried reading the book it was all based on but even then my little contrarian brain wasn't having it. "Shouldn't they all become Jewish, then? No newspaper on Sunday? Wouldn't it be on Saturday if it was Jesus? Why are you still eating pork? Shouldn't start wearing sandals?"

    I dunno, just struck me as an attempt to mass market "be a Christian" to everyone. The difference between it and what we were supposed to be already I never got.

  2. I think the worst part is that such things can eventually replace actual commitment and understanding.


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