Friday, February 12, 2016

Thank goodness for Zika

Now we have what liberalism seems to thrive on: exploiting human suffering to ramrod our liberal agendas.  So Catholics for Choice appear to be joining the cries to Pope Francis on behalf of contraception everywhere. 

The group even invokes the words of Pope Francis: let them follow their consciences where contraceptives are concerned.  Since following consciences seems to be a favorite staying of Pope Francis.  Fox News at least admits that the group is a liberal advocacy group, despite the headline that suggests it's a run of the mill Catholic group.

I'm not seeing Pope Francis back down on this.  That doesn't seem to be where Pope Francis is going.  He's not about changing the teachings of the Church.  But his constant drumbeat of following your conscience and rethinking everything with Mercy as the only acceptable standard with which to measure our actions has put him into a bind.  It certainly has given people the impression that where our consciences are, Church teaching can take a back seat.

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