Saturday, February 20, 2016

In politics integrity can be broadly defined

So one of the main reasons for supporters to flock behind Bernie Sanders is his honesty.  His integrity.  OK.  He does appear to say it as he sees it.  And he also seems a bit more consistent than Trump in terms of his beliefs.  Seems to be that is. 

So I saw this and thought it was just your typical internet meme, high on punch and low on facts: 

But then I found this.  It looks like he actually did say he's not exactly a career politician.  If a person who has been in politics most of his adult life and has spent the last 25 years in the US government isn't a career politician, could someone please define the term for me?

But the narrative is there, and his supporters swear by it.  He is honest. He has integrity. So this will either be twisted and redefined as to what he really meant, or it will be discarded.

The same approach is favored highly by the media in its narratives.  So the pop culture narrative that Conservatives are stupid and liberals so darn smart helped keep Joe Biden in the loop with awesome hipsters while Dan Quayle was all but obliterated.  That's Biden, who on a good month said more stupid things than Quayle managed in his entire career. 

But politics can easily slip into narratives of convenience over principles and truth.  And if you are a Sanders supporter who does anything other than say 'gee, I'm a bit disappointed that he appears to be shoveling manure on this one', then chances are you go a long way toward proving that sad fact.

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