Saturday, February 20, 2016

One of the most disastrous campaigns in primary campaign history has ended

Jeb Bush has suspended his campaign.  I've never seen a person who seemed less interested in running for president who was actually running for president.  I have no idea what motivated him.  My suspicion is a large group of major zillionaires who are happy to keep the GOP nominally effective in anything other than watching out for the well being of millionaires and billionaires.

I know that sounds harsh, but there is a legitimate reason to be upset with the Republicans.  Election after election, conservatives, Christian and otherwise, have sent politicians to Washington to fight for all that they hold dear.  And year after year they have watched many, if not most, of those same politicians sell out, compromise, surrender, or even gleefully join with the causes of liberals, moderates and even those who seem to hate everything conservatism is about.

I think that's one reason for Trump.  Is he vulgar?  Is he offensive?  Is he a blight on modern discourse?  Yep.  But he's a middle finger to that same establishment that many Conservatives feel has betrayed them so many times, and a threat to the rest of the political establishment who has made it clear social Conservatives no longer matter. 

Just who will rise to the top remains to be seen.  It's looking like it will be a boxing match between Rubio and either Cruz or Kasich.  I'm fond of Kasich, but I have my doubts about him on the national, executive stage.  Not that he doesn't have the experience. Quite the contrary.  Nobody in the primaries on either side has the resume and credentials of Kasich.  But he has adopted this persona of 'Mr. Nice Guy cubed', so that it almost seems as though he won't do anything until all 300 million Americans are happy.  And sadly, that just can't be. I know from living in Ohio he won't, but this isn't the same Kasich who campaigned for governor all those years ago.  This is a newer, kinder, gentler Kasich in a world of Isis, Putin, and a rising American Socialism.

Rubio is likely the best bet, though he still seems a little wet behind the ears.  And he had better be without blemish, because the media will come after him with everything they have.  You'll see things said about him that would make a KKK rally blush.  And if he were to do something like pick Nikki Haley as a VP (and she agreed), the gloves would come off.  After all, the media lives in terror at the thought that this:

Could become the norm of the GOP.  Most liberals would rather cut off an arm than see something like this come to define the Republican party.  So we'll see.  A lot can happen, and Trump is the wild card of the century.  But tonight, at least, the merciful thing has happened and Bush has finally put to sleep one of the worst primary campaigns I ever witnessed.  Too bad he didn't do it before he dragged his Mom around in a last desperate bid for votes.  But at least it's over.

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