Thursday, February 18, 2016

An example of homosexual tolerance

Manny Pacquiao, who is a boxing champion who I know little about, has created a firestorm.  How do you create a firestorm in an enlightened and tolerant society where we need to accept different points of view, even if it offends us?  Easy.  He criticized homosexuality.

So Mr. Pacquiao pulled a bit of a double switch by using an argument close to one used by Gay Rights Activists.  He suggested that homosexuality lowers man to below animal status since animals at least get the whole procreation shtick regarding sexuality.  It's funny because of just how often homosexual activists turned to 'experts' who were willing to find examples of homosexual behavior in animals in order to validate homosexuality among humans.  But that's what I've always loved about the Gay Rights Movement.  If it suits the purpose, you use the argument.  When the argument no longer suits the purpose, it's homophobia 101.

Anyway, tolerant diversity loving activists have pounced and are threatening Nike within an inch of its financial life unless it severs ties with Mr. Pacquiao and does so ASAP.  Also, he's been informed that if you don't bow before the morality of non-heterosexual normality, you have no right to hold public office.  Mr. Pacquiao has done obeisance before the movement, but he appears to still hold onto those evil beliefs of Christianity that homosexuality among humans is wrong.  And for that, I don't expect any willingness to pull back on the movement to destroy.

Why don't thinking Americans trust Gay Rights Activists?  That's why.  Many of us are old enough to remember when it was all 'agree to disagree' and 'you'll never be forced to accept it as normal.' 

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