Monday, February 8, 2016

Remember when

Remember when it was those religious fundamentalists on the 700 Club or the Moral Majority who were the uptight busy-bodies, always protesting the latest movie, or song, or Coke commercial?  Remember when liberals promised us a land of openness and tolerance and agreeing to disagree and respect for different opinions and beliefs?  Remember when the only real bad guys were the ones who were offended and demanded expressions of art and literature conform to their moral absolutes?  Yeah.  So do I.  Which is why NARAL is absolutely making an ass of itself for anyone over the age of 35

It just reminds us that the pro-choice movement is not about choice at all.  It is about death.  And it seeks to hide us from the facts by promising debauchery and selfishness so that we will embrace the heresies and blasphemies of the modern Left, while not thinking too hard about the various safety nets it insists will always work and are no big problem. 

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