Friday, February 19, 2016

The Washington Post cries bigotry in a display of stunning ignorance

Or willful lying.  This may come as a shock, but a liberal media outlet is invoking the charge of bigotry against those it doesn't like.  In this case, making the charge that Trump is reawakening anti-Catholic bigotry.  Reawakening it?  Where the hell has the Washington Post been?  Where the hell has Christine Emba been?  Are you serious?  This is what you call anti-Catholic?

How can you deal with people like this?  After decades of mocking, attacking, ridiculing, and hammering the Church, this is anti-Catholic bigotry?  Saying that I don't think the Pope should weigh in on another person's spiritual identity is opening the flood gates of anti-Catholicism?  After decades of entertainers attacking the Church, calling it evil, stupid, racist, sexist, bigoted, ignorant, oppressive and useless, and this is anti-Catholic bigotry?   After decades of the most tasteless, hateful and anti-Catholic art and literature?  And this is it?

Let's have a peak at some of this pre-anti-Catholic bigotry that is apparently only now being resurrected by Trump and his supporters:

It took me all of three or four minutes to find these.  And these are just editorial cartoons. This doesn't count songs, movies, shows, news casts, entertainers and public figures who have said far worse.  Sure, they can.  It's their right.  And some of it might have a point or two behind it, and some of it is anti-Catholic bigotry no questions.  But the idea that anti-Catholic bigotry is something that had gone away and only now, by Trump's statement that the Pope shouldn't question his Christianity, the bigotry is ready to return?   Have they no shame?  If I lived with that level of willful hypocrisy and or dishonesty, I couldn't bring myself to look at the mirror in the morning. 

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