Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Bishop McElroy

Please stop it.  Please stop joining with this incessant pounding, hashing, trashing and smashing of America as this increasingly Islamaphobic nation.  Try asking why there is an uptick in Islamaphobia.  Why does Donald Trump have the support he has?  Because there are Americans who are tired of being told that one extreme case of violence against Muslims defines our entire country, while tens of thousands of cases of violence by Muslims proves nothing about this religion of Peace. 

They're sick of being told that 300 million Americans exercising restraint in the face of attacks and killings and terrorist strikes means nothing at all, while a single Muslim can do a wonderful thing and it just goes to show how awesome 1.6 billion Muslims are. 

They're sick of being told, whenever scrutiny does come to the Islamic world's actual treatment of Christians through the ages, that America nuked Hiroshima, the Crusades, the Inquisition, Salem, and Japanese (but not Italian or German) internment camps. 

Why are Americans becoming more anti-Muslim?  Because there is a growing segment of America that no longer believes any amount of restraint and tolerance will change the narrative that America alone is the source of evil and suffering in the world because it's an evil, bigoted nation.  And furthermore, no amount of oppression, terror, killings or apathy toward the plight of the West by Muslims will convince people that Islam is anything other than our loving brother coequal with the Gospel.

You want to put an end to Islamaphobia, start by challenging the narrative, not by endorsing it. 

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  1. Title of article:
    Bishop challenges Catholics to combat 'ugly tide of anti-Islamic bigotry'

    Well... what does he call the anti-Christian (and anti-Catholic) bigotry if the anti-Islamic is a tide?

    Hopefully he's talked about it at other times, otherwise it seems pretty bad that a Bishop is more concerned about how people are treating ENEMIES of his faith than his own faith.

    Yeah, Jesus said love your enemies, but I don't recall that translating into His ordering people to actively feed the wolves from the flock.


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