Monday, February 22, 2016

Why caution must be exercised when dealing with liberalism

Exhibit A.  So the news has been abuzz about Pope Francis' statement regarding condoms and the Zika virus.  To be fair, technically, when examined sympathetically and with the belief that Pope Francis has no intention of changing Church teaching, there wasn't a difference between what he said and what Pope Benedict XVI said before him.  Technically.

But that's not enough.  The fact is, much of liberalism is about loftier goals than learning the Truth and solving problems.  It's about forever fighting to increase debauchery and decadence, drunkenness and drug use.  So how long did we think it would take for pundits to jump on what Pope Francis said and push it to the next level?  If Zika, why not AIDS?  And if Zika and AIDS, why not pregnancy for a poverty stricken single woman?  Etc. 

Just like those groups who push for medicinal marijuana.  Sure, I'm willing to talk about drugs used for medical reasons and those reasons alone.  But how many of us are stupid enough to believe that's really what they are worried about?  Like the filth that is at the heart of so much modern progressive ideals, it's merely exploiting the sick and dying in order to get high.  And in keeping with that trend, this is seizing on the fears and struggles of young mothers and the plight of pregnant women in order to kick down a pesky barrier to the world of sex and drugs that liberalism craves so much.


  1. I heard yesterday that Zika was carried by mosquitos.

    If I was the Pope, I'd almost reply, "sure I'll allow condoms, if you'll allow DDT" just to see if they even come close to a fraction of self-awareness... ;-D

  2. Heh

    There has been at least one confirmed case where Zika was transmitted sexually. And even though all the medical experts interviewed have said this is a rare exception and the focus must be on the mosquitos, leave it to the press to ignore what the experts they interview say and make it all about sex.

  3. Yep, because the mosquitos might lead to the DDT question they don't want to face, but the sex leads always to questions they do want to face. Like Raz0rfist said once about ye olde debate trick: "If you can't win the debate you're having, [move] over to a debate you're having and win it."



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