Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's national pizza day

Not national pizza with everything but anchovies day.  Any fool knows that's November 12.  And of course it's not National Cheese Pizza day, which instead is strategically placed between September 4th and September 6th.  This is national Pizza and National Bagels day.  Which makes sense.  In college, there was a bar in Marion, OH called The OK Pizza and Bagels.  Back then, many of us weren't sure what a bagel was, and what, exactly, it had to do with pizza.  But how times change.  Now it's a national day of observance!  No doubt furniture sales and shopping days will be in this important day's future.

So in honor of Peyton Manning's win, and in keeping with the honor our elected officials wished for this day, we will order some Papa John's pizza, get a round of bagels, and enjoy the night.  No school tonight kids!  Ah, the joy of homeschooling.  See you all tomorrow!

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