Monday, February 8, 2016

NARAL Reminds me

That liberalism isn't just about thought control and brainwashing.  It's about doing those things in order to convince the most educated generation in history that squares are, in fact, round.  So in keeping with the news that saying "Men can't have babies" could be hurtful to Transgender people, NARAL is upset that the Doritos ad "Humanizes" the fetus.  I just thought NARAL was upset that an ultrasound was shown with both parents and in a positive light.  Censorship being a very liberal thing.  But no.  In keeping with the 'How dumb can we make people' quest of the Left, NARAL is actually upset that the ultrasound shows what ultrasounds show.  And yet liberalism is taking over the minds and hearts of our once Christian culture. 

Remember kiddies, don't show ultrasounds because it might show what ultrasounds show.  Don't go around saying men can't have babies, because it can be hurtful and offensive.  This is the nation we're leaving to our children. And for that, I apologize. 

The choice the Left doesn't want to talk about

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