Thursday, February 25, 2016


An isolated incident

Which means little and says even less about Islam.

An incident that might be based on bigotry and hate which is all too common in America. Which goes to show why it's important for us to combat racism and Islamaphobia in America.

And that, kiddies, is how we do it.  No matter how many stories across the Islamic world of beheadings, imprisonments, executions, oppression - it matters not.  Those are never linked to Islam.  You ever notice that?  Nobody writing such a story goes onto say 'Gee, seems there are stories like that every day from all over the world.  Maybe there's a link.'  Nope.  When they are reported - and they are - they get the one-off treatment.  Here's a story.  Here's what happened.  Perhaps there will be follow up.

But let a single incident that might or might not be Islamaphobia happen in America, and you can bet several days of discussion over how racism and bigotry impact Muslims in America.  If there is actual violence against a Muslim, expect a full week.  Expect religious leaders to denounce it.  Expect our political leaders, such as President Obama, to come out and condemn the tide of racism in America.  Expect specials reminding us of slavery, racism, the Trail of Tears.

That's how it's done.  That's why I wrote what I wrote here.  If we value anything about America, and aren't prepared to grovel before the Islamic state, then we had best start getting our perspectives in order.  Not that we should ignore anti-Islamic bigotry.  Nor should we make stories around the world bigger than they are.  But at least some similarity in how they are covered would go nicely toward convincing people that we're not being fed a lie, or worse, an excuse to surrender and submit to the religion based upon submission.

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