Tuesday, February 23, 2016

When bombing civilians and lying became no big deal

As Democratic Socialism and the political policies of the Left assume the place of True Gospel, it shouldn't be surprising that we're seeing a shift in priorities over just what constitutes the difference between life and good and death and evil. 

So we have Richard Nixon, long reviled as one of our worst presidents. Especially by liberals and Democrats.  Despised for his bombing campaign.  Derided for his corruption and lies.   But now, a pretty awesome president!  Ah, the good old days.  And why?  Because it turns out he was liberal, and what's more, he endorsed economic policies more in line with the modern Democratic yearning for Socialism.  Read the always reliable Internet Meme here.

Apparently that'll do it.  Bomb citizens?  Lie?  No biggie.  As long as you accept the policies of the Left, which alone will taketh away the sins of the world.  I guess.

The question soon has to be asked.


  1. *clicks on meme*

    "Richard Nixon's policies are too far-left for the modern Democratic Party."

    Wait... what?


    How? HOW can you even say that? What... measure are you going by?

    Of course after Nixon instituted all those policies, everything was fine and wonderful in the country until mean on Reagan, eh?

    What do you mean it didn't actually fix or solve anything?

    That they call themselves, "Reasonable People Unite" makes me want to start slapping them... and I don't know if I'll be able to stop.

  2. Then I scroll through the comments...

    Dan Conway The argument is never that libertarianism and "charity alone" will allow anyone to be fine. Just the grave evil of taxes for welfare and "extortion and "evil" and stuff is not present

    Michael Powers Oh, the "let charity solve poverty" movement is real. And really naive.

    Wait, they are MOCKING private charity?


    I almost want to start identifying myself as an atheist because clearly the word "christian" has lost all meaning. Forget Catholicism, these people make me want to quit protestantism.

  3. Yep. Of the disturbing trends coming out of the Church in just the last couple years, the growing tendency to mock and deride the widows because of their mites, or those losers with their cups of cold water, is one of the worst. Things like that alone will make me pause before jumping on board a bandwagon. Even if it looked like Socialism worked in every way, I'd be leery at this point, just because of the attitudes behind its promotion.


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