Thursday, February 11, 2016

Debunking the Leftist narrative

So reader Nate Winchester sent this little YouTube clip.  I'll admit, I don't know who the fellow is.  Likewise, I admit that I don't have time to fact check everything he says.  But he calls out the liberal sleight of hand in the television show that, like most television shows, is merely propaganda for the advancement of the secular Left. 

Kudos for pointing out the lie that the Founding Fathers were revered for being informed, rather than revered for their bravery and their principles, as well as their deeply held belief that religion and religious morality were crucial for the survival of our nation. 

There are many other good points.  Not the least of which is the debunking of the 'America as less free than other nations' meme.  From a liberal point of view, in which freedom ends where obedience to Leftist dogmas begin, yes.  To some of the Boomer and younger generations, freedom means free sex and free drugs.  You can crush anyone else's free speech or religious freedoms and no problem.  For actual thinking people, that's not freedom.  That's tyranny. 

Anyway, several good points.  I'm not saying he is right on everything, and I'm sure some could argue some of the points he makes.  But he does a good job showing how liberal propaganda in our media and entertainment culture can attempt to pull one over on us if we're not paying attention. 

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