Thursday, February 18, 2016

We're saved

Eh.  Cruz overtakes Trump.  For the life of me, I've never seen a party work harder at not winning an election. Cruz puts me in mind of Nixon, 2016.  His very personality seems off-putting at best.  Perhaps he's a great guy in person.  I've read some who have met him and say he's really down to earth and easy to get along with.  I'm sure Anthony Hopkins is really a nice guy who didn't dismember people and eat their livers with fava beans and chianti.  That's a part he played in a movie.  Likewise, no matter his real personality, the part Cruz appears to have chosen is one of belligerent, anti-team self-proclaimed hero who isn't here to help the team, but is here to say the rest of the team is the problem.  This doesn't include the constant flip-flops he and Rubio seem to be getting caught up in.

For my money, that's the biggest problem.  And there is a way to deal with one's records that defies the standard approach.  That way is to own up.  For instance, when it comes to the immigration debate that seems to be tripping up both of those candidates, this is what I would say.  I would say that, contrary to media narratives, Conservatives and Republicans aren't a bunch of racist neo-KKK members who really want a white America with all swarthy types thrown back into the ocean.  I recognize the unique situation that America is in, with such a massive border next to a culture that is awash in terrible conditions and problems.  This has created an overwhelming influx of people who wish to come to America, but don't have the time or resources, or sometimes inclination, to follow the procedures that our laid out in our very open and liberal immigration policy.

As such, I tried to find common ground to make sure our own people are cared for and our country continues to move forward as a beacon of opportunity and freedom to the world.  I also did so in a way I thought would show compassion for those who came here, even outside of our laws, but did so in desperation or fear of their lives.  Especially the children.  I would do it again.  Whatever my policy will be, it will care for both the immigrants and the native born.  And by that, I mean those born in America now as well as over the centuries.  If compassion for the widow and orphan is a problem for Conservatives, then perhaps we need to stop being upset when the media frames the discussion as if compassion and conservatism go together like Kosher ham.  If we can show that we care for all, not only does it eliminate that narrative, but it puts the impetus back on liberals who only appear to care for one group of people when it comes to the native born and the immigrant.  As conservatives, I want to show the world that we can care for both.

That's what I'd say.  Or something like it.  I certainly wouldn't go around and deny what the good invention of the internet allows us to see happened.  It's that very political two stepping that we should have grown tired of. 


  1. If compassion for the widow and orphan is a problem for Conservatives, then perhaps we need to stop being upset when the media frames the discussion as if compassion and conservatism go together like Kosher ham.

    Come on, Dave, I know you know better than that. Heck I'm no catholic-phile but even I'll admit they work darn hard at that compassion thing, but how often does the media frame the discussion of Christianity and compassion as a contradiction?

    Seriously, when have you ever seen this:
    If we can show that we care for all, not only does it eliminate that narrative...
    happen? As you've pointed out more than once, the media's recently changed their tune on the Church. Has any of it been because of a narrative elimination? They've finally seen the light of the Church's compassion?

    Heck that's half of Donald Trump's appeal is that just too many have realized how much of a rigged game the media is (and every time you think you do know, you find out that no, it's still much worse) and he's flipping them off as much or more than anyone else.

    On this, you're just plain wrong. It doesn't matter what conservatives or republicans do just like it doesn't matter what Catholics do. The media narrative will not be shaken and they'll outright lie if they have to to maintain it and trying to play like there's any chance at winning by the rules is a fool's hope - it's time to change the game.

  2. I refer to talk radio and people like Rush Limbaugh. I've heard him mock the little person for too long. I remember when we had our first son. That was back when Insurance Companies were basically pushing patients out the door after one day. New parents, we were not ready for that. But out we went, and he almost died as a result. Fortunately my Mother-in-law was there to keep him going until we got back for help. There is still that branch of conservatism that says those things happen, and if you don't like it, go out and make millions. I remember Limbaugh fought against making companies at least let new Moms stay for two days. It was one of the few things I sided with Clinton over. But he was right. Our country should be free for people to pursue their dreams, and if that includes a modest living OK. But it shouldn't be framed in such a way that if you don't wake up yearning for financial gain to the exclusion of every other possible priority, then you deserve what you get.

    And I do think that there would be a better chance of blasting the narrative if we didn't have people who lived up to it. The narrative is that conservatives are a bunch of ignorant, racist, greedy, poor-hating bigots. The media won't change trying to keep that narrative going if Conservatives turned perfect tomorrow. But we can stop giving fuel for the media to throw on the fire. And while I'm completely against the influx of illegal immigrants and just handing them a free pass, I'm also mindful that the issue is more complex than the current debate, and both sides who pander to the extremes of the issue are asking for it, especially conservatives who have the media arrayed against them.


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