Thursday, February 11, 2016

I try to be consistent

So when I see this, I'm bothered that a public figure would say such a thing.  I'm not against looking at everything going on.  Who is saying what.  What the trends are.  What is the substance and where are the extremes.  That's all fair.  But there are right ways and wrong ways to say things, and Nugent picked the worst way.  A double agent who hates the NRA couldn't have done worse damage.  That's how I see it.

But I felt the same thing when Quinton Tarantino was running about saying 'murdering cops, murdering cops!' even while cops killed in the line of duty were being laid to rest.  I said the same thing then.  I'm fine with looking at the problem, considering as many points as possible, examining all the factors we can.  But there is a right and wrong way to do things, and Tarantino went a way that any decent person would have said is wrong.

But that's the problem I see today.  Many who are now jumping all over Nugent were the same ones who rushed to Tarantino's defense.  Even if they didn't defend him outright, they said it was no big deal, it was a distraction, we shouldn't be sidetracked by such a trivial thing when the greater issue of Black Lives Matter! is at hand. 

I have no doubt that some who were all over Tarantino will rush to Nugent's defense as well.  They will explain why it is different.  Or will use the same reasons to dismiss concern, pointing to the greater threats to the 2nd Amendment, and by extension, the Bill of Rights.

Here's my take.  Right is right, and wrong is wrong.  If we say X is wrong, then it is always wrong.  Even if the substance of what Tarantino said was justifiable, most people with a conscience and not hard core Leftists could see he was wrong in how and when he said it.  Same with Nugent.  Even if the argument can be made - and there is reason to believe the facts don't match his statement - it should be clear that what he said and how he said it smacks too closely to hate groups who would gladly use the same reasoning against Jews, not over guns, but because they are Jews.  In  both cases, wrong. 

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