Friday, February 26, 2016

Speaking of Donald Trump

My boys, in the usual awesome way, summed up the entire disaster: Trump is the candidate that the Facebook generation deserves.  Ouch.  They meant that if you visit Facebook - a page dedicated to issues - what do you see?   Trump.  Trump style debate that is.  Petty insults, slander, false accusations.  Often the substance isn't there.  Inconsistent stances on issues. Internet memes replace actual dialogue.  Statements are gleaned from partisan sources, and actual wrestling with the facts is mocked and derided.  So why the hell would we be shocked that Trump is where he is? 

I thought of that as I read this article over at Sardonic Ex Curia.  BTW, you should visit the website.  It has more weight in its pinky than my blog can muster in a month.  But don't stop coming to my blog. :)

The part about Trump as the fruit of our media and entertainment saturated culture hits the nail on the head.  Trump is a master manipulator of this most important driving force of American life called entertainment.  It should give us pause about how much time we spend wanting to be entertained, at least by an industry built on entertaining us on its terms.

Nonetheless, a great read.  There are several things to ponder in that article, not the least of which is the Christian element of Trump's base.  Even conservatives I can understand (to a point).   Not all conservatives care a lick about social or moral issues.  But Evangelical Christians? 

I had to chuckle at the opening suggestion about moving out into the woods.  My wife has frequently said she wishes she could just move away from it all.  And given the last few months, I've been inclined to agree. Goat farms and all. 

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