Wednesday, February 17, 2016

He has a point

It is starting to look like a Mediterranean theater of the Cold War. There's only one difference.  The original Cold War was a conflict between the USSR and the USA.  This one is merely the USA watching any world power and every world power do pretty much as they see fit.  Remember, a growing number of youngster Americans who don't remember when Howdy Doody was prime time TV, don't really think America is that good.  We're not the good guys.  In fact, in most cases, most of the problems in the world are likely America's fault.

America is why there are problems in the Middle East.  It's why there are problems in Latin America.  It's why there are problems with the Chinese.  America is pretty much the culprit.  And if our younger folk studied any history at all, they'll know that WWII was at best part of an American power grab, the Cold War was orchestrated by the US military industrial complex, and our wars and military actions are purely for American imperialism to satisfy billion dollar oil companies. 

So if we don't see the sudden concern and call to action when we watch events unfold around the world, just remember one thing.  To a growing number of younger Americans, we have met the enemy of the free world and it is us.  Why would we expect them to want our country to do anything else? 

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