Monday, August 12, 2013

To Pacific Rim

Or not to Pacific Rim.  That is the question.  One of my loyal readers has made it clear: We must, Must! see Pacific Rim.  Hmmmm.  Time is the big thing right now, and it's more an issue than funds.  I get the impression it's one of those movies that would have more umph on a big screen theater than a home television set.  So we'll see.  This and next weeks are tough, and truth be told, our crazy summer has set things back by many weeks.  What think you?

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  1. Go see it! You're TV screen isn't big enough!

    To quote the agony booth:
    "In fact, that’s another rare thing this film has to offer: heroes. In an year so cynical that not even Superman, Captain Kirk, or the Lone Ranger can offer unambiguously admirable heroism anymore, Pacific Rim gives us an infectiously childlike sense of optimism that’s badly needed. This film has the simple but uplifting theme of humanity being at its best in the face of destruction, and the indomitable power of the human spirit. Gone is the petty nationalism of many American action films, replaced with a tone of global cooperation and unity. The Jaeger pilots come from all over the world; they’re a virtual Rainbow Coalition of colorful characters joining together for a common cause. Even the obligatory “jerk” character is ultimately noble and heroic."

    You remember being a 10 year old boy? Now imagine someone put "that" up on screen, and that's the movie. Have fun at the theater. Be 10 again. =D


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