Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy belated Birthday Mister Fifteen

And a rather low key, yet enjoyable, birthday it was.  It was actually a celebration on his birthday, it's just the post that's late. Our now fifteen year old, understated at at times, wacky in the extreme at others, enigmatic and possessing a speed of light wit, wanted only presents that would equip him to work and learn computer video production.  Eh.  He seems into it.  He also wanted a game called Minecraft.  We acquiesced.  I've heard folks speak well of it, and I've heard folks warn of it.  But then that's how any new things are greeted.   Whether video games or Dungeons and Dragons or rock and roll or radios, you name it and anything new will have its detractors.  So we'll see.  As it is, he was more than thrilled with what he got.  He had a giant cookie since he's not a fan of cakes.  We took him out to eat at a place of his choice, and not being used to large meals, we all paid the price that night.  But it was a fine day, a pleasant, and a nice chance to see this interesting young man with a keen intellect and quick recall blossom into someone truly interesting.

I'm not sure, but I think he enjoyed the day

Yes, he gets that excited about a green polo shirt - the important part being green

He doesn't like cakes, so he got a massive cookie with nuts and chips (and a touch of bourbon for flavor - his request)

They say intellectually gifted kids can be emotionally high strung.  They're right.

Striking a typical pose

The obligatory cute guy pic, eagerly waiting some of that massive cookie

The other two brothers, meanwhile, step in to light the candles

And promptly need assistance.  For some reason, it was tougher than it looked.

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