Monday, August 12, 2013

Remember my post about homosexuality and the Catholic Church

That I posted yesterday?  Well it was pointed out that I overstated the case, since all disordered appetites are unique and should be treated separately.  Fair enough.  But here is what I mean.  Over at, once again, CAEI, there is a lengthy letter posted from a 'gay' Catholic.  The gist of the letter is basically that while conceding the Church's ultimate teaching that you can't engage in homosexual activity, the Church had better wake up and accept the modern post-Christian narrative of sexuality. Really.  That's the basic one sentence summation for not only the posted letter, but the comments in the combox. And I'm not being unfair by not saying it on CAEI.  Mark made it clear this type of analysis for that post is not welcome.

One of the problems the Church is having is trying to scramble to catch up with post-Christian progressive thought.  And it ain't easy.  That thought is based on a pretty simple formula: religion is not revealed, it's inspired (at best), and humans are simply evolved animals (and the only ones who don't belong), so it's all about the individual's right to define reality around his or her own happiness because either we all go to the happy place, or we become worm food.  That's about it.  Of course there are other things, types of government, economic theories, approaches to education that are proposed in light of that.  But that's the Shema of the post-Christian Left.

And to take 2000 years of Christian belief and pound that square peg into the round hold just doesn't work.  It never works. Ask the various Protestant denominations that have tried.  They either whither away (why go to a Church when it's about me?), or they end up so far removed from the Faith that they can't be called Christian and have the word mean anything.

That's what I meant with my post.  There is something to be said, within a counseling context, for treating disordered appetites differently, be them sexual, alcohol, gluttony, pride, whatever.  And I'm not saying that all Catholics couldn't do better, or some aren't judgmental or hypocrites or whatever. But that's not what this is about. This is basically taking the same approach that the Church has regarding science, that everything the hip cool moderns say is true, but God does too exist.  Everything that hip cool moderns say about the Bible being fairy tales and myths is true, but Jesus did too raise from the dead.  Everything that hip cool moderns say about gay being above and separate and superior to every other issue is true, but you still can't have penetration.  Believe me, after fifteen years of watching this strategy play out in Protestant ministry, all the Catholic Church will get from this is the same problems Protestants have discovered, only slower and bigger.

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