Saturday, August 10, 2013

I miss Get Religion

I learned more about journalism, how it operates, and what to look for in a few years of reading Get Religion than in a lifetime of reading the news.  I used to make GR one of my daily stops.  Why did I end that tradition?  Well, because its greatest benefit - that it was managed by professional journalists - was its greatest bane.  Time and again they would unpack a story that promoted the gay acceptance agenda, pro abortion agenda, get hip to Eurocentric Socialism agenda, all religion is inspired not revealed agenda, or a host of other obvious advocacy pieces.  OK.  They would typically focus on the progressive leaning media (since that's pretty much all there is with few exceptions), so most posts were looking at issues like those above.  Fine.  But then, somewhere in almost every post, or in the comments section if people got too close, the moderators would swoop in to ask the fateful question: how can the Times, Tribune, Globe, or whatever other publication possibly write such a piece?

Really?  And when people would  point out the stinking obvious, the various moderators would then correct them, stating that such accusations are overblown, inaccurate and not representative to true journalism.  Sorry, but that's too much to handle. Maybe it's changed over the last few years, and now is more about lamenting the passing of true journalism and the replacement by the thing that is out there today.  But it got so I just couldn't handle seeing that end tag of 'how could the LA Times frame the story that way?' when the answer was so stinking obvious.

And that's a shame.  Because it was a great resource, a wonderful site.  And this is a good example of the job they used to do, in this case unpacking the media's strange reluctance to come to grips with Tim Tebow and why he is so popular with so many fans even if he's done nothing but warm the bench for a year.  BTW, hint: the same reason Evangelicals, Protestants and Fundamentalists who typically wouldn't get near a Catholic production flocked to see The Passion of the Christ.  It's what the faithful do when they see one of their own maliciously, brutally, and dishonestly attacked for no other reason than being openly a Traditional Christian.

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