Monday, August 19, 2013

Atheism defined

Pride + Sloth.  I couldn't agree more.  Following the comments on this, one of the more popular Atheist blogs, about something as simple as the fact that little of Christianity identifies with Protestant Fundamentalism, should reinforce that as the only acceptable definition.  Though I might qualify it by saying Modern Atheism is so defined.  Kudos to Nate for summing it up.

Update: It occurred to me that I mocked CNN for saying Christians are less popular than Atheism based on one website.  I then say based on Friendly Atheist that this definition works.  Here's the thing.  We know that millennials are leaving the churches, most of them for some half baked salad bar concoction of the their own making.  That was just a bad example.  In the case of above, atheist after atheist says similar things to what is written on the FA.  Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and just about every modern atheist today uses the same fallacious arguments.  So this is simply an example, and that's how I used it. It reinforces what most modern atheist demonstrate.  It's not the proof.  Unlike CNN's take.


  1. Yeah, it should be "modern" atheism.

    Heck, they don't even really define Protestant fundamentalism accurately. They don't fight hard Vox's periodic stereotype that atheists suffer from a form of social autism.

    Now when does that site get to the "friendly" part of its title?

  2. Now you know why I always refer to it as the *Ironically* titled Friendly Atheism. If that's friendly, I'd hate to see otherwise!


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