Thursday, August 8, 2013

If you thought the Holocaust was bad

You might be right.  If you know it was bad but nothing like the worst evil of the century over Hiroshima, then you might be a Catholic blogger.  Over at CAEI, Mark Shea gushes over a good priest who realizes what true evil really is.  It's not moral equivalency.  That would be saying that Truman was no better than Hitler, or that the Atomic bombs were no better than the Holocaust.  Nope.  He's saying we were worse. Of course liberalism,  being a revolution, wants to paint America in the worst colors, therefore justifying the call to burn it to the ground and rebuild it in a post-Christian, secular liberal vision.

And it's not as if in Protestant circles, we didn't struggle between wrapping the church in a flag and preaching from on high.  But I'm often taken at the brutal harshness with which Catholics level charges at America.  Not all.  In fact, not most.  But from Cardinal Sheen to Ford to Mark, there seems to be a tendency across the American Catholic world to say there is evil, but evil done by America is always evil cubed.  Stereotypes must have a basis in some reality I guess.  Or maybe it's just modern American.

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