Sunday, August 25, 2013

Girls playing football

Here is an entirely subjective observation.  I just watched a propaganda piece on PBS about how foolish it is for boys to have an issue with girls playing football.  This follows several stories over the last year where girls have successfully fought to play on football teams, with varying levels of corresponding desire by boys to be on girl's volleyball teams.  This is one example.  In most cases, they are kickers - the most protected position on a team, and seldom brought into actual physical contact tackle-wise.

I have my concerns.  First is the rather implicit understanding that the boys won't hit the girl the way they do the boys is there (and sometimes it's explicit).  Second, if they hit the girl and hurt the girl, woe be to the sport of football and the boys who did it (previous cases where the women/girls quit, charges were made that they were hit hard because they were girls by the sexist players).  Third, and here's my big observation, this probably won't change the idea that it's worse for boys to hit girls than for girls to hit boys even though it logically should.  Like so many things under feminism, it will be 'equality whenever convenient for women.'  Like so many things in our modern era, it has less to do with common sense and consistency, as it does whoever screams the loudest and is part of the right, hipster group, gets the lawyers and scientists to go along.  And with the usual jelly-spine of most American males, it wont' take much leverage to ignore my common sense questions.

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