Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pastor sued for opposing homosexuality

We'll see.  From the always fair and neutral New York Times, it appears the pastor is a bit loony, based on some of the things he's said.  Though in all fairness, no more loony that things endorsed by those seeking to impose gay rights on the country.  Nazis as a homosexual inspired movement?   Hmmmm.  But then, some years ago, I saw on the History Channel that the Nazi Holocaust murdered 13 million Jews, Homosexuals and other minorities.  That's right, Jews and Homosexuals, and a few others.  So both sides can be pretty far out, but it's worth noting that one side is officially endorsed by our modern status quo.

As for the pastor, I don't know enough about the case.  If he was running around saying 'kill gays, kill them, kill them all!' then I guess that's more than reason to hold his feet to the fire.  But with that said, if we're going to start punishing people for such things, I'd like a straight, clear, black and white statement of exactly what is and what isn't allowed.  What part of opposing homosexual normality is allowed, and what part crossed the line to hate?  I say this since increasingly people define opposing gay rights (or any other progressive agendas) as the definition of hate.  And if hate needs to be punished, for all us non-progressive types, it's a question worth asking.

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