Sunday, August 25, 2013

The theme song of modern atheism

Despite the deplorable track record of French anti-clericalism, Communist atheism, and secular philosophies and the crushing persecution of religion that occurred over the last 200 years*, despite atheists with a sympathetic ear in academia and the media effectively shrinking the domain for religious expression and practice until it's confined to the church and synagogue and mosque and temple, despite atheists increasing proud to spew hatred, blasphemy, and contempt on religious believers (as opposed to non-religious believers) with the full support of our sex saturated culture; to hear atheists talk, you'd think they were two steps away from death camps.  It's true, to hear many atheists, theirs is a plight of persecution, discrimination, bigotry and oppression that they brave every day to  bring the objective, neutral truth of their knowledge.  So on behalf of suffering and oppressed atheists everywhere in our colleges, media outlets, and pop culture venues, I offer this song of sympathy and understanding:

*Many atheists explain that when an atheist does something good, that proves how intellectually and morally superior atheism is; when an atheist does something bad, it's either because he/she treated atheism like a religion, or you simply can't blame atheism since atheism doesn't really exist.

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