Monday, August 26, 2013

My Blog Ban exception

After I mentioned yesterday that I am going to cease visiting blogs filled with hatred of my faith, hatred in general, hatred of America, or filled with self-righteous contempt for anyone who doesn't hold to the only True path, I should point out an exception.  I will still go to CAEI.  That's because that was the first blog I ever visited, the first blog I ever commented on, and part of the first website I ever went to in order to learn about how Catholicism works for a Catholic Convert.  So I owe Mark much.  Though his changes and alterations are almost nerve splitting and he holds views now such that, had I read him in this day and age, I may never have become Catholic in the first place.  At least because of anything he wrote.

Still, I owe him much.  Some years ago, when we were struggling, and learned we were going to have our fourth son thanks to following Catholic teaching, he blew  the flugelhorn and raised a considerable sum from his readers.  I know Mark has a great heart.  He was able to inject a wonderful emotional element into the sometimes dry and barren world of theological exposition.  I fear it's that same hard edged emotional element that is his downfall.  To be an apologist, like any minister of the Gospel, requires a keen mind and a balanced appraisal of things.  You can't become emotionally enslaved by events, or soon you get into trouble.  I'll leave it at that.  But it's worth noting since I will still link to stories there, and some might wonder why, given the type of blogs I said I would no longer visit.

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