Saturday, December 18, 2021

I had no idea


Hmmm, why do I already question the historical accuracy of this?  Let me see.

My problem isn't that a black woman is playing the role of a woman who historically wasn't black.  If blacks want to do their own historical productions recounting European history, I'm actually OK with that.

My problem is that at the very same moment, if a white woman played Harriet Tubman or a white man MLK, or Shaka Zulu, you'd have screaming from coast to coast.  Accusations of racism and cultural appropriation would fly like bullets.  That is a double standard based on ethnicity.  And that, of course, is racism.  

Racism has come back to American life in ways we've not seen since Jim Crow.  Furthermore, it's fully endorsed by our educational institutions, our popular culture, our news media and even our churches and religious leaders.  

Those who are aghast at this are divided into two camps:  Those trying to find somewhere to compromise and those who are aghast at this but find little in the way of support for calling it for what it is.

What will come of the future I don't know.  Ten years ago I didn't think a person would be fired for saying there is such a thing as boys and girls.  Nor did I imagine that a growing number of Americans would accept that  all whites are racist, therefore such contributions of old white racists as freedom of speech or equality must be jettisoned.  Therefore I'm not in a position to make guesses. 

I just see that things are happening fast.  Those who insist it's all a big bunch of nothing should fly to Munich.  I'm sure you'll be able to secure peace for our time. 


  1. "I just see that things are happening fast."

    They are David. You and I both agreed with that view a few posts ago when I had mentioned the same thing. Not only are things moving fast I noticed that each idea or push from the left has become more and more insane and illogical. The world seems to be mired in chaos and nothing seems to be stopping it. I feel as if Satan is throwing every evil at his command at us with no let up and I think it's because he knows his time is almost at a close. Events happening fast? Yes, and I keep thinking what scripture says that if time had not been shortened not even the elect would be saved. Are we there yet? No idea, but if I'm wrong about being close to the end at least I'm closer than those who came before me ;)

    1. It could be. It's always a temptation to see the tribulations of an age as signs of the end. It's also a temptation to discard such tendencies since others have done it before. I think there is the demonic involved, but we can't ignore the possibility of God simply taking His hands off of our civilization that long ago officially threw God out the window. We're certainly always closer to the end than yesterday. And yet it could be a time of purging, of pruning the branches so to speak.

  2. So... if all of British history starts being black...

    Does that eventually mean it was all black people enslaving black people and now whites are off the hook since they technically don't exist?

    1. Heh. It being the 21st Century, I don't think they'll give it that much thought. The important thing is not having a white person play the part of a white person. The underlying purpose is to subconsciously link anything associated with whites with bad, so that such ideas as democracy, freedom, equality (already being done) can be linked to white people, declared bad, and hence dispensed with accordingly.

  3. It's not even that we'd never allow John Wayne to play Genghis Khan in this day and age. That is, the problem is not that changes to historical races are allowed in one case but not the other.

    You can no longer have a white cast when portraying historical individuals who were all white.

    They don't really object to whites playing non-white characters because of "whitewashing" or whatever. They object to having white actors, period. "Whitewashing" was just a convenient excuse for complaining when they couldn't come right out and state "we want to have as few white actors as possible." Now that they CAN say that, the excuse is discarded.

    1. Absolutely. As I posted some time back, according to modern commercials, there is no such thing as a white family or white couple. Mixed at best. There are black, Hispanic, and other ethnic families and couples. But not white. I've watched through this Christmas season and noted that trend continues, though I've seen a couple that feature white families, but usually when a large number of family shots is showcased.

      My son believes it's to engrain in our minds that white is evil, anything done by whites is evil, therefore anything traced to whites - like the Constitution, Bill of Rights, sanctity of life, equality, or any such thing - should be jettisoned. Perhaps, but there is clearly an idea that white is horrible, and anything that ever featured whites is now bad.


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