Saturday, December 18, 2021

NBC goes to bat for Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory, which alternately does and doesn't exist, and is being advocated and not advocated in our schools, is given a boost by this propaganda piece.  NBC pulls the ages old trick of finding students whose experience fits with the agenda, ignoring all others.  That is, students who paint a picture of life in their school systems laden by KKK style racism, begging for 'solutions' to their plight. 

File under 'CRT is the hope and salvation for our racist school systems'.  Next week we will likely be told why there is no such thing as CRT, and if you oppose it you're a racist.  That's what comes from our schools working for decades to turn our citizenry into a nation of drugged up, sexed up nihilists.  Only such a nation would fall for this.  

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