Friday, December 3, 2021

The horror of Rep. Lauren Boebert's comment

By now, if you've glanced at a newspaper or watched the news, you've seen that Republican lawmaker Lauren Boebert found herself in hot water.  Why?  Because at some point she made an off-color remark about anti-American/anti-Israel Rep. Ilhan Omar.  For reasons known only to her, she made that remark about the coming 'jihad squad' in reference to Rep. Omar.   

OK.  Poor taste and, what's more, stupid.  In any event, Rep. Omar immediately went on the attack.  Ms. Boebert was clever enough not to invoke the 'I was just joking' defense, which has become all the rage among various minority activists openly wishing them some hate on the vile white race.   She knew that wouldn't work.  So she apologized, apologized to the Muslim community, and called Representative Omar to reconcile ... which went nowhere, as any sane person or conservative could have guessed. 

But here's the thing.  Why am I hearing about this, an off the cuff remark among many such remarks today, in which the individual apologized?  First, there is no way in hell anyone on the Left would let this be, and they know they'll have the press in their back pockets when it comes to making this a thing.  Second, the press is more than happy to find anything that fits the 'Non-Leftist White = Nazi' template, especially to deflect from that pesky auto accident in Waukesha, Wisconsin last week. 

Have I mentioned the Left is evil?  That's what this is all about Charlie Brown.  This and any story in the world that it can use to ignore that inconvenient story about a black assailant with allegedly anti-white racist rants who is accused of murdering six white victims at a Christmas parade.  That hurts.  The whole 'only the White is capable of racism' lie hangs on the gossamer thread of a single non-white murdering whites out of racism.  So it's necessary to find anything to deflect or ignore when that little incident happens.

A black man murdering five police officers could be blamed on America as a four hundred year old racist, Nazi state of endless oppression and terror.  Cops represent that oppression, so that's something. Sometimes people just snap. But six people, including a child, who are run down out of cold blood by a black man who allegedly hates whites with  the white hot fury of a thousand suns?  That ain't so easy to spin.  So the press does the next best thing, it grabs the next tool in its toolbox.  It deflects.  Especially if the story deflected to helps buttress the 'all white, all racist, all the time' narrative.  

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