Thursday, December 9, 2021

Hillary Clinton speaks!

Or rather, reads.  She 'tearfully' reads her victory speech prepared for 2016.  Of course she has also blamed all the sexists and misogynists and other deplorables for defeating her chance to unite America.  Other reasons for her defeat are given here:

Remember, whenever a Democrat loses, it's because Americans are stupid or evil or both.  It's not hard.  I mean, let's follow the science people. 


  1. I watched about 30 seconds of it. That was about all my stomach could take. I had to take a couple of Tums(TM)

    1. The only thing worse than her rambling on like a child is the fawning over her for doing this that I've seen on various media outlets.

  2. Talk about theatre of the absurd, this is a shoo in for a Tony award for dark comedy.


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