Saturday, December 18, 2021

Pray for the racism and evil of BLM

Yes, Black Lives Matter has emerged as not merely a pro-Marxist, anti-American organization, but a racist one too.  It sees whites the way Nazis saw Jews.  Not that this sets them apart from much of what we see today.  The modern Left embraces and embodies many of the gravest evils of the last century.

The only hope to deliver future years from this type of evil is prayer.  God alone can raise up those needed to stop such movements.  God alone can touch the hearts and souls of those who have been swayed by this evil. 

As for Christian leaders, including Catholic ones, who extol the virtues of BLM and equate it with the only acceptable way to embrace the Gospel?  Just remember all those Christians and Catholics who happily draped the swastika over the sanctuary altars.  It's what we believers do when we're not careful, or when we're actively cowards.

In any event, just remember during that first Christmas, times were bleak.  Rome was calling the shots.  Oppression and suffering were everywhere.  Jewish leaders and Jews in general were trying to find ways to suck up to the new power from the West.  It's the plight of the true believer that we must often wade through our fellow believers and even leaders long before we stand poised to combat the latest evil of the day. 

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