Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Most do not want this

I was looking at a story from the Associated Press picked up by FOX News.  It's the typical 'Thanksgiving is genocide, woe to the poor Indigenous people who were beautiful'.  As was pointed out in the comments section of my post on this earlier, check the  comments.  Most people think this is bunk.  My experience in the work place and the streets of America is that most Americans - Black, Red, Yellow and White - reject such nonsense.

The problem is, our institutions are run by people who want such nonsense sanctified and proclaimed as gospel truth.  In the above story, many of the commenters say they are American Indian.  That's about right.  My wife's family is replete with Native American heritage, with some family members a mere generation away from American Indian parentage.  None of them buy this bilge.  Like that funny meme a few years ago, if you think the Redskins should change their name, chances are you're not Native American.  That was after the WaPo tried desperately to find overwhelming numbers of Native Americans wanting it changed, and barely found a quarter of those surveyed to agree.

The Left, Marxist based and communist driven, seeks the destruction of the Western Democracies, and our concepts of liberty, freedom and sanctity of life.  To that end, it will do and try - anything.  And since it controls our media and educational outlets, it can do as it will. 

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