Friday, December 10, 2021

NBC and pure racist propaganda

No better example of both racism and race-baiting political propaganda have I seen in recent years than this 'story' about the Spaulding Board of Elections in Georgia.  Read it here.  Go ahead.  I'll wait.


Are you finished?  What did you think?  Having white skin is pretty damn evil, ain't it?  To read the story it sure appears to be.  Note how when the board was majority black skin, all was right with the world.  But now the dreaded and nauseating white skin has a majority, and that's how we know outrage should commence:

"A year ago, Sunday voting had been instrumental in boosting turnout of Black voters.

But this was an entirely different five-member board than had overseen the last election. The Democratic majority of three Black women was gone. So was the Black elections supervisor.

Now a faction of three white Republicans controlled the board"

Wow.  You can almost hear the Darth Vader March playing faintly as you read the words. 

Again, the whole idea that we should look at Caucasians the way Nazis looked at Jews is almost social dogma.  The fact that it's happened almost overnight has to make your head spin.  

For a minute I thought maybe, just maybe, Spalding County - the county in question - has a majority black population.  Since we've pretty much accepted the idea that no white skin should ever presume to teach or in any way hold position over the black skin, that might be why the outrage.  

But nope:

Majority white.  In fact, the racial makeup of the county appears to be reflected in the current makeup off the board of elections (except for the lack of someone representing the other minority groups - but that doesn't seem to matter this time).  Again, it's the nauseating and deplorable white skins who hold the majority.  And what's more, white skins who dare blaspheme the Leftist State.  

Tell me I'm wrong in this over the top rhetoric.  Please.  Go into the comments section and say I've gone too far.  That I represent the gist of the "story" unfairly.  That I'm wrong to say they are clearly judging and appraising based purely on skin color.  That they are strongly suggesting the wrong skin color can only be mitigated by proper political allegiance.  Tell me I'm wrong in these.

If not, then please go back and apologize to all those Germans from the 1930s that we've spent generations tarring and feathering for not doing anything about the obvious.  For this is obvious, as obvious as the nose on Ring Starr's face.  And yet not only are most doing nothing about it, but notice the speed with which so many are jumping on board.  Christian leaders included. 

I swear, on that last day of Judgment, the souls of the Germans from the 1930s will rise up and condemn our generation, and rightly so.  For we have them to learn from, and look what little good it has done. 


  1. Republicans are accused of Vote Suppression, Democrats are accused of Voter Fraud. Maybe both claims are true and all our elections are rigged. What if victory is less about the will of the people and more about which side can cheat more effectively?

    1. I'm sure wrong doing happens every election. In a country this large, that's a good guess. Though the problem I had with the story was it using the word 'white' as a trigger word. That is becoming too easy and common today. FWIW, I've said I don't think the 2020 election was stolen as much as I believe it was gamed.

  2. "Voter suppression' is code for ordinary ballot security. The Democrats dislike ballot security because it's an impediment. No, both claims are not true.


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