Tuesday, December 7, 2021

It does no good to suffer when a Democrat sits in the White House

 As NBC makes clear.  

Sure, there seems to be this inflation thing.  Also the Republicans are going to 'target' Biden and the Dems over inflation.  But what would the GOP do about it, huh?  Huh??

Of course the press could target Biden and the Dems over inflation.  But most stories I've seen are about how awesome everything is: more jobs, spending off the rails, a better economy overall than we've ever seen!  There is this inflation stuff,  but let's not quibble.  So says the press.

That's because Biden is a Democrat.  Were he a Republican, we'd see nightly stories about the plight of the poor, the lower income, the working classes who are being crushed by the soaring prices.  Every night would feature stories showcasing the agony of those 'falling through the cracks', as I heard so much in the 1980s.  

But not now.   Now their suffering does nothing to move the leftwing ball down the field, so sorry about their luck.  Likewise, last year when the press was fully behind the draconian lockdowns, I think I counted on a single hand the stories I saw bothering to talk about how such lockdowns and disruptions of our economy were devastating the poorest Americans.  Most stories featured wealthy Americans and celebrities showing how they were coping from their mansions and Manhattan penthouses. 

Again, the press, thralls of the Left, care only about the poor in the same way they care about blacks, women, or other non-LGBTQ minorities.  That is, not at all unless they can be exploited.  It is simply one of the greatest evils of the modern age.  And we've lived long enough to see how such evils can manifest themselves when they are not be challenged. 


  1. Yeah there's an old joke: When a republican is caught in a scandal, the scandal is the story. When a democrat is caught in a scandal, the republican reaction to it is the story.

    1. Joke you say? I say media template. You're right. How many times when the issue is the Democrats caught dropping the ball does the coverage focus on 'Republican lawmakers are trying...' None of that when Republicans get in trouble. One of many ways the press has perfected the tactic of 'lying truthfully.'

    2. Yep. Idle hands may be the devil's workshop but the media is his mouthpiece.

    3. Yep. I've long concluded that the thing once known as the news media is now one of the greatest threats to life, liberty and democracy today.


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