Saturday, December 23, 2017

To compare America's prison system to the Soviet Gulags

Is to mock the memory of the millions who suffered and died in the actual Gulags.  It's a trait of the modern left to make America into the worst, most evil and wretched civilization that has ever existed.  Sure Nazi Germany had its problems, but thank goodness it wasn't America!

A priest visiting from Africa noticed that tendency while he was studying here.  He said that so many Americans seem to want America to be worse than it was.  Or is. Of course he didn't think in terms of liberal or conservative.  He merely noted, with some confusion, that Americans bend over backward to elevate America's evils at the expense of its blessings.  So we heave endless scorn and hatred on America for its tens, while ignoring or even pardoning anywhere else in the world for their tens of millions.

Right there, if for no other reason, do I  hesitate when it comes to listening to modern liberalism. Trashing on the most prosperous and free country in history is easy, especially when you know you won't pay for it, and if you're wrong it will be future generations that pay the piper.


  1. It's also not true. Soviet gulag population at it's peak was 5 mil. All estimates on USA prison population is around 2-3. Of course Shea is being dishonest.

    Not to mention what did he expect to happen to the prison population if you stop executing prisoners like he keeps telling us we should? His mind has really rotted as he's drifted left.

    1. I would suggest that our modern society of hedonism and narcissism is likely a bigger culprit than anything. But beyond the numbers, the problem is that our prisons are not gulags. The gulags were basically concentration labor camps meant to exploit slave labor or literally work people to death as a means of eliminating those the state declared to be enemies. It's like comparing the Catholic Church to the mafia. It's beyond a lie, it's a lame and stupid lie. And one that dishonors those who suffered and died in the gulags. I don't think he would so easily make that statement if he attended an Eastern Orthodox church.


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