Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Should NBC be responsible for ruining people's lives?

The WP, the vanguard of the American Pravda, dedicated to advancing the political Left at all costs, has run a piece about the toll that sexual assault took on a woman - at FOX News.  That's right. Even as more left wing pundits, journalists and pols fall to the sexual assault juggernaut, the WP realizes the importance of keeping one's eyes on the prize.  So it ignores the myriad leftists even now being accused of what they blasted Trump for, and goes back to the basics: attack non-conformism at all cost.

This reminds us that for all the fanfare, the modern Handmaid's Revenge is not - repeat, not - about women's welfare.  The same movement that a year ago had no problem telling women who were concerned about the sudden Transgender friendly legislation to shut up and stop being the bigots they are, will have no problem throwing the same women under the bus (if not in the bed) when they are no longer useful for anything else.

Right now, the Russian investigation continues to find out more that is wrong with the Democrats or the investigators than Trump.  After a year of smoking guns that ended up with no smoke, the Left needed to turn to something, and those old accusations of sexual assault against Trump seemed as good as any.  Problem was, there became - for reasons nobody still agrees on - a sudden wave of women ready to get their pound of flesh from anyone and everyone.  The majority of those who have fallen to this new crusade are mostly big names in the world of pro-liberal Democrat interests.

OK, that was fine.  Most men accused have proven to be 'meh' when it comes to helping the liberal cause.  After all, they were all in charge of the press, Hollywood and millions of dollars in fundraising when Trump was elected.  No big loss if they hit the road.  Nonetheless, all of the accusations that, more often than not, expose men on the left does begin to raise questions about the Left's historical seriousness where women are concerned.  And so the WP got us back to the basics.

Meanwhile the post-Roy Moore (who, last I heard, has yet to be proven guilty) landscape sees a subtle shift among those who declared only purity of motives regarding the cause of women's welfare.  Even as some begin to regret their calls for Al Franken to resign (after the Moore defeat), or have Bill Clinton, recently called guilty of sexual misconduct by several liberals, now an honored guest at a liberal fundraiser (again, now that it's after the Moore defeat), I think there is plenty of reason to question the integrity of the current sex assault witch hunts.

This doesn't include the fact that some who are accused are now fighting back. Tavis Smiley is not going down easily and his defiance has caused an uneasy amount of debate about just when and how a man's life should be destroyed based on mere accusations sans evidence.  If he's lucky, now that Roy Moore is gone, the whole thing might just fade away, like so many values and morals trumpeted by the Left at any given moment.

And that will be a shame, since this entire travesty of sexual assaults is a mere tip of the human toll of the sex revolution.  What a world it would be if the Church saw the scope of the problem, rather than trotting along and trying to put a Gospel spin on a sliver of the problem that happens to be big for the time being because, in the end, it's convenient for the time being.

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