Thursday, December 7, 2017

Representative Al Green moves to impeach the Constitution

Riding the waves of our modern Witch Hunt mentality, Mr. Green tried to build a coalition to impeach Donald Trump.  There were no actual charges of legal wrongdoing in his proposal.  Just that he is pissed Trump won.  That's good enough I suppose.

Thankfully, in this particular case, the overwhelming majority of congressmen and women avoided this kangaroo court approach like the plague.  Majority, not all.  Over 50 went along with the modern notion that if someone we don't like is someone we don't like, that should be good enough to destroy their lives.

Of course the real assault was the assault on our Constitution and our fundamental rules of law.  That is, the idea, as promoted by Mr. Green and others today, that what matters is winning.  What matters is getting what we want.  What matters is getting rid of those types over there. Evidence?  Proof?  Guilt or innocence?  Facts?  Truth?  The postmodern craves not these things.

Sure, it's funny and stupid and ridiculous and proof that anyone who suggests stupidity is unique to the right of the aisle isn't paying attention.  On the other hand, it is one more example, in no way condemned enough, of an emerging trend in our society that says protection by the presumption of innocence and necessity of evidence might be eroding faster than we imagine.

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